Our story​

Hello, I’m Greg McIvor, Cloudfish founder and lead copywriter. My writing career began as a young journalist in London in 1989. A move to Stockholm as Nordic correspondent for the Guardian initiated a long love affair with Sweden. There, I went on to work for the Financial Times and also to write for the Economist.

After moving into copywriting in 2001 I went on to found Cloudfish. Today I work with a broad portfolio of brands and businesses – from multinationals to agencies and smaller niche clients. Most are based in Sweden, Denmark and the UK.

All share one thing in common: a commitment to crisp, concise communication in polished English.

I will always be the person you speak to when you get in touch. For larger projects, we have a small team of talented freelancers who ensure that Cloudfish always meets your needs and deadlines.

If required, I can attend your location for meetings or on-site project work. Often, standard videoconferencing and other digital tools are sufficient for most project needs.

Greg McIvor, Founder and Lead Copywriter

What's in a name?

Why, you may ask, are we called Cloudfish? The cloudfish is a hardy coldwater fish that at first glance looks unremarkable but which, on closer inspection, exhibits a colourful and intricate scaled pattern.

We think this is the perfect metaphor for good content writing – deceptively simple but carefully crafted and rich in nuance.

Otherwise known as white cloud mountain minnow, the cloudfish is a member of the carp family (Cyprinidae) and often kept in aquariums.

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